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Current Trends

An estimated 14 traffic fatalities and 716 nonfatal traffic injuries were attributable to driving after underage drinking.

An estimated 21 homicides; 15,200 nonfatal violent crimes such as rape, robbery and assault; and 26,100 property crimes including burglary, larceny, and car theft were attributable to underage drinking.

An estimated 567 teen pregnancies and almost 12,000 teens having risky sex were attributable to underage drinking.

Alcohol is the drug of choice for America’s Youth, more than tobacco & illicit drugs.

Youth like to “Party in the Woods”

Adults go to “Smoker’s Corner” and offer to buy liquor & cigarettes to the teens smoking or hanging out there.

41% drinking in their own home or another home.

13% of those who drink, say alcohol was given to them.

Taking liquor from a friends house or their own home

Soaking gummy candy in alcohol and taking it to school, school events or parties (National)

Supersized alcopops—coming in single serving cans of up to 24 ounces, containing alcohol as high as 12% by volume—are industry’s latest attempt to hook youth. Lots of alcohol for very little money.

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