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Click here to see our latest Strategic Plan: NTBAG Strategic Plan 2012-2014

NTBAG Committees and Task Forces

Education & Outreach Committee
This committee will focus on parent & community education on skill building and current drug trends, as in parent workshops, community orientation on local issues, working on Town Hall Meetings, parent newsletters, health events, etc. The outreach may include focus groups, talking to parents, community and youth about risky behaviors and needs assessment. This committee will also help increase communication to the public about NTBAG, helping coordinate events and coming up with new needed events.

Underage Drinking Task Force or EUDL (enforcement of underage drinking laws) Task Force
This one is for the purpose of the Woodland Park Police Department grant and for one of our priorities as a coalition. This one will be essential in trying to reduce underage drinking and increasing related protective factors in our community.

Marijuana, Tobacco & Rx Drugs Task Force
Much like underage drinking, this one will make an effort to reduce the use of these substances and increase necessary protective factors. They will also help counter the possibility of the recreational use of marijuana becoming legal in Colorado.

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